Air hydraulic punch tool for steel plate up to 4 mm

Lindova H7 is an air hydraulic hole punching tool. The design allows the user to work using rapid strokes and considerable force. The hole is burr-free. The tool is both light weight and well-balanced to minimize the strain on the user. The air hydraulics also mean that the tool runs silently and is completely vibration-free. The tool has few moving parts and has an extremely high level of operational reliability. And because we both design and manufacture the H7 Hole Punch ourselves, we can guarantee both a complete stock of spare parts and rapid service when required.


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 Designation Weight Punch pressure* Length Ø Cylinder
 H7/d-530 1.9 kg 20 kN 368 mm 68 mm
H7/d-730 2.2 kg 33 kN 370 mm 86 mm
 Designation Weight Punch pressure* Length Ø Cylinder
 H7/d-530R 2.3 kg 20 kN 450 mm 68 mm
H7/d-730R 2.9 kg 33 kN 452 mm 86 mm

d = Ø Punch

Vibration level: < 2.5 m/s2
Noise level: 63 dB (A)

* At 6 bar (90 Psi) pressure


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